Welcome space nomads!

GRENN is a tiny game where the purpose to navigate between the barricades while at the same time collecting the tokens of the infinite space baby. While collecting the tokens, you will encounter the cosmic cephalopod who will turn tokens into blocks and the grenn who will knock over the barricades on their journey to become one with the infinite space baby.


The arrow keys are used to move left, right, up and down.

Holding the A key will allow the player to travel in the background.

Holding the D key will allow the player to travel in the foreground.

Pressing the S key will allow the player to perform a jump across the screen and through barricades. Very useful for a tricky escape.

You can hold up to 5 repair tokens. For each collision with a barricade, you will lose one token. For each 5 spade baby tokens collected you will gain one repair token.

If you have no repair tokens and you hit a barricade the game ends and the infinite space baby will shed no tears for you.